Spotlight on CALLIE



CALLIE (right top)
CALLIE (right top)


Calley had the misfortune of being struck by a car early in her life.  She was found on the side of the road by a Good Samaritan and brought to the Park County Animal Hospital.  Even as she lay on the roadside with a collapsed lung, broken ribs and femur she responded warmly to her rescuer.  After surgery at the hospital she was fostered in the home of Jen and Jake until she recovered, and before she could be adopted by a new family.  Jen and Jake fell in love with her and wanted her to be part of THEIR family.  Thanks to Jen and Jake, the PCAH, and the South Park  Good Samaritan Fund for Animals, Callie now lives a comfortable life in good health with a lifelong family. 


 Photo from Jen 12.10.08 003Calllie with new companion, Dexter.

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