Meet Rambo

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Federal EIN # 56-2472372

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Meet “Rambo”

A truly Good Samaritan…
Steve Benson of Fairplay, found this cat on his doorstep one day, half starved and seemingly on death’s doorstep.

Steve rushed “Rambo” (his new name) to Park County Animal Hospital where medical treatment was begun.  When this was unsuccessful, the decision was made to perform surgery on him because, as Dr. Madole put it, “There is just something about this cat.”

Surgery revealed an orange-sized piece of colon that had to be removed and the remaining ends sutured together. “Rambo” recovered quickly after surgery and is doing well today. “It’s amazing he’s alive,” commented Dr. Madole on this resilient cat.

The cost of his treatment was $1,200 of which $750 was paid by SPGSFA, $500 donated by Dr. Madole, and $100 donated by Steve Benson.

“Rambo” is happy in his newly adopted home.




Animal group photo

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