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Federal EIN #56-2472372

Colorado Approved Charity Filing #20191151607



mags and Mr C

 Mags & Mr. C

Welcome to South Park’s Good Samaritan Fund for Animals website.  Yes, there really is a place called “South Park” located in rural, central Colorado.  This is a vast 1,600 square mile mountain valley surrounded by the Continental Divide on the west, Central Mountains on the north, Tarreyall Mountains on the east and Sangre De Cristos on the south.  Living at an altitude of 10,000 feet takes hardy people willing to live with an hour to an hour and a half drive to the nearest doctor, movie or McDonald’s.  Weather can be harsh, windy, dry and cold.  Average annual income is low.  The beauty of living in South Park is in its’ small towns, skiing, hiking, fishing, hunting, wild animal sightings, photography, history, ranching, and a love of animals…one and all.

In 2004, the need for financial help to local pets and their owners seeking veterinary treatment was recognized.  A generous local family donated $500 to the Park County Animal Hospital to establish a charitable nonprofit organization providing money to local low-income families needing help for their treating injured or ill pets.

From that humble beginning SPGSFA has grown to having an annual budget of $12,000 in 2018, all from personal donations and grant awards, and providing veterinary treatment, including spays and neuters, injuries, illness, vaccinations, well-pet maintenance and much more to 150+ South Park pets.  This continued success would not be possible without many people working together to fund the organization: veterinary clinics and professionals providing treatment, the Town of Faiplay, State of Colorado animal welfare foundations providing grant awards, and support from local businesses and individuals.  Thank you all!


  South Park Good Samaritan Fund for Animals

PO Box 1956

Fairplay, CO 80440



Open Range Cattle … a familiar sight in South Park.

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